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Digital Echosounder South SDE 28S Single Frequency

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Digital Echosounder South SDE 28S Single Frequency

SDE-28S Single Frequency Digital Echo Sounder

■ Embedded WindowsXP operating system, user-friendly interface
■ Integrated with both computer and echo sounder at industrial level, yet low power consumption
■ Full aluminum housing, compact and handy, particularly designed for less-than-ideal circumstances
■ High-speed DSP chip processing technology to ensure reliable waveforms and depth values
■ Supports NMEA-0183 communication to gain orientation information
■ High compatibility, flexible to connect different GPS devices
■ Built-in flash memory upgradeable to larger capacity for diverse demands
■ 12.1-inch color LCD featuring a wide viewing angle and adjustable brightness
■ Automatic storage of depth data up to 24 hours, supports replay

200 kHz
Beam Angle

Depth Resolution
±1cm±0.1%D (0.1% of depth value)
Ping Rate
14Hz, Maximum 30Hz
Sound Velocity
1300-1700m/s, resolution is 1m/s
Depth Range
Gain Control
AGC and TVG, depth and gain, a double door tracking
Output data format
SOUTH, SDH-13D, DES025, INN455, ODOM etc

-30℃~+60℃ non-condensing
Output Power
Up to 300 watts
Power Supply
9-15V DC, less than 25w,
110~265V AC (optional),

Hardware part
Embedded system index
CPU frequency 1.6GHz
Internal memory 1G
Memory capacity 4G high-speed CF card
(supports extended storage)
I/O interface
2 RS232
1 VGA interface
Display Panel Layout
12.1-inch color LCD
Touch screen
Embedded windows XP OS
Power ON/OFF
Interface protection
Separate Panel Overlay for

Measurement accuracy and operation range might vary due to atmospheric conditions, signal multipath, obstructions, observation time, temperature, signal geometry and number of tracked satellites. Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

1. Echo Sounder SDE-28S                                       1pc
2. Carrying Case (for echo sounder)                      1pc
3. 200KHz Transducer                                              1pc
4. Transducer Pole                                                    1pc
5. Carrying Case for Transducer                            1pc
6. Double RS-232 Communication Cable           1pc
7. 220V External Power Supply Cable                   1pc
8. 220V External Power Supply Cable Adapter    1pc
9. 12V External Power Supply Transfer Cable     1pc
10. Keyboard (USB)                                                  1pc
11. Mouse (USB)                                                       1pc
12. Adapter Cable for Mouse & Keyboard             1pc
13. Pen Drive                                                              1pc
14. SDE-28S Software                                       on board
15. PowerNav Software (with dongle key    )  on board


Digital Echosounder South SDE 28S Single Frequency

Berat 250 gram
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Dilihat 147 kali
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