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Ditambahkan pada : February 27th, 2014
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Suplier Alat GPS Beragam tipe yang memudahkan pekerjaan anda/perusahaan dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau dan kompetitif. The MIDAS Surveyor is a revolution in small boat survey work. With an integral GPS receiver and Valeport’ s unique “ fuzzy logic” digital echo sounding technology, the Surveyor is quick to deploy, rugged and reliable, and boasts many features to make your work as easy as possible. Valeport also offers a range of tide gauge & sound velocity products to compliment the Surveyor. Echo Sounder : Single ( 210kHz) or dual ( 210 / 33kHz) channel input, using unique “ fuzzy logic” DSP to give accurate readings and reliable performance, even in shallow water. Data may be logged and output either raw ( as measured) or corrected for tide and heave. Range: 0.3 – 100m ( 210kHz) , 1.8 – 100m ( 33kHz) . Accuracy: greater of ± 0.01m or ± 0.02% . Resolution: 0.01m ( 210kHz) , 0.04m ( 33kHz) . Sample Rate: 6Hz MIDAS Surveyor logs and displays DGPS position data in WGS84 or Local Grid. User has full control over spheroid and projection constants for Local Grid setup. Standard: Integral 12 channel GPS/ SBAS receiver with combined antenna: ± 4m ( CEP) , with no correction ± 2m ( CEP) , with SBAS correction. Option : Surveyor also accepts user’ s own differential, GPS or RTK data input. Other Inputs: The Surveyor will accept data input from all the additional sensors listed below. All data may be logged and output in real time on a single RS232 channel, and tide & heave data may be used to provide real time corrections to depth data. Tide: RS232 text data from tide gauge or RTK. Heave: RS232 data from heave sensor ( up to 60Hz) . Sound Speed: Continuous or spot readings from Valeport Sound Velocity Sensors may also be logged. Gyro/ Auxiliary: RS232 input of vessel heading or any other text string may be logged with the survey data. Event Marker: Surveyor is supplied with remote event marker. Data Outputs: Real Time RS232 output on a single channel of any, some or all of the active data inputs, in choice of industry standard formats. Memory: 16Mb internal FLASH memory provides nominal 32 hours of data logging. An optional 32Mbyte memory is available at time of order. Data Display: 240 x 128 pixel graphics LCD display, providing numerical and graphical depth display, position data ( WGS84 or Local Grid) and all other incoming parameters. On screen help and simple menu-driven setup functions allow full system control. Electrical: Internal: 8.4Ah sealed lead acid battery pack. External: 12 – 24vDC. Power: 3W ( sampling) , 25W ( max when recharging) . Battery Life: Nominal 24hours working time. ( Recharge using external power) . Connector: Fischer. Software: Surveyor is supplied with SurveyLog windows based software, allowing data extraction & display. All data is presented in ASCII format, and may easily be exported for use in industry standard hydrographic survey software packages, or simple XYZ format data. Physical: Surveyor: Rugged IP67 case, 35 x 33 x 16cm, 9kg. Accessories: IP67 case, 41 x 33 x 18cm, 9kg. Dual Tdx: Combined 210/ 33kHz, 30 x 30 x 10cm, 12kg. Shipping: 62 x 44 x 38cm, 18kg ( basic set) . Includes: MIDAS Surveyor logging unit with 16Mb memory, internal battery pack, DC power lead, RS232 output lead, event marker, operating manual & SurveyLog software. 33/ 210kHz transducer with 10m cable and mounting spart. Integral 12 channel GPS/ SBAS receiver with antenna, 5m cable and mounting spigot.

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