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Sumitomo T-400S

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Sumitomo T-400S

Fusion Spilcer SUMITOMO T-400S Active Clad Handheld Fusion Splicer features a high resolution display, fiber end face evaluation and post joining loss estimation providing assurance of a successful fiber termination. The handheld fusion splicer removes the technician judgement call required on all other forms of termination by using advanced optical technology, high precision motors and the latest embedded software to completely automate the installation of an optical connector and all at a cost similar to low tech, tool centric connector systems.


  • Capable of Fusion Splicing an Array of Fiber Types and Deployment Time Periods
  • Competitive 6 Second Fusion Splicing and 24 Second Heat Shrinking Times
  • Ruggedized Design
  • Consistent Quality Low Loss Splicing
  • Simple Operation by Brand-New User Interface for Quick and Easy Program Navigation and Analysis
  • Handheld Operation for Fast Set-Up in Minimal Work Space Environments
  • Lynx2 CustomFit Splice-On Connector Compatible
  • FTTx Initiatives in One Machine
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 1 Year Warranty Included
  • Physical Character :
Size (mm) 129W x 195D x 99H
Volume 1,890 cm3
Weight 1.3kg with Battery
Display Type 4.3” Color LCD Display
Shock – Free Fall 76cm on bottom face
Waterproof IPx1
Dustproof IP5x
Joining Time 7 sec. (typical)
Heating Time 24 sec. (typical)
Electrode Life 6,000 arc discharges

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Sumitomo T-400S

Berat 250 gram
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