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Digital Theodolite Nikon NE-101

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Digital Theodolite Nikon NE-101

Suplier Alat Survey  Beragam tipe yang memudahkan pekerjaan anda/perusahaan dengan harga yang sangat terjangkau dan kompetitif. Digital Theodolite Nikon NE-101

Nikon NE 101

Digital Theodolite Nikon NE-101

Easy-to-use, accurate instruments for construction and survey environments Designed for general construction and survey applications, Nikon NE-100 Series electronic digital theodolites from TDS give you accurate measurements in an affordable, easy-to-use platform. Nikon NE-100 Series theodolites can run 48 hours under normal operating conditions on a set of six AA alkaline batteries. Each of the four models has an ergonomic keypad with one-touch keys for all functions and a large, backlit LCD display help you work productively in the field. Main Features: • 5 or 10″ (5/10mgon,0.01/0.02mil)angle reading, 10 or 20″ (2/5mgon,0.05/0.01mil) angle reading for NE-100 • Manganese batteries with 22 hour operation (48 hours by alkaline battery) • IPx54 water proof resistant • Clear and blight display with backlight illumination • Simple user interface • Reticle illumination • 30x bright telescope • Compact carrying case


Effective diameter of objective: 1.77 in (45 mm)
Magnification: 30x
Image: erect
Field of view: 1°20′ (2.3ft @ 100 ft / 2.3m @ 100 m)
Minimum focusing distance: 2.3 ft (0.7 m)
Stadia multiplier constant: 100
Stadia additive constant: 0
Reticle illuminator: provided
Reading system: photoelectric incremental encoder
Circle diameter: 3.1 in (79 mm)
Unit of reading: degree / gon / mil
Minimum digital reading¹: 5/10″, 1/2 mgon, 0.02/0.05 mil
Accuracy (DIN 18723) 7″ / 2 mgon
Type: dot-matrix LCD (20 characters x 2 lines)
Backlight: 1-level illumination
Keypad: 5 buttons
Magnification: 2.2x
Field of view:
Focus range: 4.3 ft (1.3 m) fixed
Plate level: 40″ / 2 mm
Circular level: 10′ / 2 mm
Type: detachable
Instrument: 6.0 x 6.8 x 13.1 in (153.5 x 172 x 334 mm)
Instrument: 9.8 lbs (4.5 kg)
Carrying case: 5.4 lbs (2.5 kg)
Battery type: 1.5V alkaline AA x 6
Continuous operating time (at 68 °F / 20C) 48 hrs

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  • Nikon NE-101
  • Rambu ukur / leveling staff
  • Allumunium tripod
What’s special about Nikon 100 Series Theodolite:
One-touch keys for common functions NE-100 series theodolites feature five easy-to-use, one-touch keys: four to perform all common functions and a fifth to control the backlit LCD display and reticle illumination. You can instantly convert vertical angles to percent of grade, reset the horizontal angle to zero and lock the horizontal angle displayed on the LCD while you reposition or repeat a measurement. Angle accuracies to choose from Angles accuracies differ between the models. The NE-100 offers 10″ angle accuracy, while the NE-101 offers 7″. Both the NE-102 and 103 models offer 5″ angle accuracy.
Extra light for dark conditions NE-100 Series theodolites feature a built-in reticle illuminator and backlit LCD display that allow you to work inside buildings as well as in tunnels, mines and other environments with little or no light. These features also come in handy during low-light conditions outdoors, such as near dawn or dusk. Rugged, all-weather reliability With the Nikon NE-100 Series theodolite models, you can count on reliable performance in tough conditions. The NE-100/101models have an IP54 rating, meaning water can splash on them from any direction with no harmful effects. Nikon NE-102/103 models have a higher rating of IP56 which means they’re waterproof and dustproof.
Works longer on standard AA batteries Unlike other instruments that require specialized batteries, NE-100 Series theodolites use six standard AA alkaline batteries. What’s more, those batteries can power all models for about 48 hours. A three-level bar graph on the LCD screen displays remaining battery power. Built to perform Nikon NE-100 Series theodolites perform well in rugged environments. Even if you work in dust and water, these instruments are protected from the elements. Plus, the NE-103 has a vertical compensator


Digital Theodolite Nikon NE-101

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